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Check valves are valves that use various mechanisms to prevent reverse flow, therefore only allowing flow in one direction. They are typically used for a wide variety of applications such as wastewater, clean water, irrigation, air conditioning, cooling, food and beverage systems. There are many types of check valves, each using a different mechanism to prevent return flow. These include ball, disc, lift and swing check valves.

PetroChem Training cutaway check valves use new industrial check valves that are cut away to clearly show the valve inlet, outlet and valve components, allowing students to easily visualise valve operation and identify the main valve components.


2"/DN50 Cutaway Ball Check Valve


2"/DN50 Cutaway Disc Check Valve


3/4"/DN20 Cutaway Globe Type Stop Check Valve


2"/DN50 Cutaway Lift Check Valve


2"/DN50 Cutaway Swing Check Valve