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Control Valves are used to control a wide range of process variables such as flow, pressure, temperature and level. The valves are controlled by controllers that compare sensor measurements with a set point. Control valves can be electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically actuated based on electrical or pneumatic signals. There are many different types of valves, the most commonly used are a type of globe and angle seat valve.

The DVA-CO control valve assembly kits include new industrial control valves, a set of tools and job worksheets, allowing students to easily learn about the construction, disassembly, maintenance and re-assembly of industrial control valves.


2"/DN50 3-Way Control Valve Assembly Kit


3/4"/DN20 Globe Type Control Valve (with positioner) Assembly Kit


2"/DN50 Diaphragm Type Control Valve (without Positioner) Assembly Kit


2"/DN50 Diaphragm Type Control Valve (with SMART Positioner) Assembly Kit