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Ball Valve Assembly Kits

Ball valves use a hollow floating ball with a quarter turn handle to control flow. When open, the handle of a 2-way ball valve is in line with the inlet and outlet. Ball valves can also have 3 and 4 ports for re-directing flow and joining pipework.

Ball valves are very reliable and have a very long life-cycle, but they do not allow for fine adjustment of flow control. They are therefore typically used for isolation applications, for example in the power, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

The DVA-BA Ball Valve assembly kits include new ball valves, a set of tools and job worksheets, allowing students to easily learn about the construction, disassembly, maintenance and re-assembly of industrial ball valves.


2"/DN50 3-Way Ball Valve Assembly Kit


2"/DN50 Ball Valve Assembly Kit


2"/DN50 Electrically Actuated Ball Valve Assembly Kit


2"/DN50 Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valve Assembly Kit