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Transparent Heat Exchangers

Modular Supply Unit

A Modular Heat Exchanger Demonstration Supply Unit for use with the PetroChem Training THE range of Transparent Heat Exchangers.

The Supply Unit consists of a powder coated steel frame with two shelves. The bottom shelf supports two water tanks, one for clear water and the second for coloured water, each with a dedicated centrifugal pump.

Each tank has an independent pipe system to direct water through a flexible hose to the heat exchangers, and back through a return hose to the water tanks. A series of valves is used to swap the inlet and outlet hoses to easily change between parallel and counter flow.

Quick connect self-sealing fittings makes interchanging the different THE-XXX heat exchangers quick and easy without spillage. The THE-MSU runs on a universal 12V power supply, maximising safety in the training environment.


Modular Supply Unit