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Cutaway Plug (Cock) Valves

Plug valves, also known as cock valves, are one of the simplest valve types. A tapered or parallel plug sits in a seat in the valve body and contains a port or passage that allows fluid to flow through the plug. Rotation of the plug and therefore the port controls the size of the opening and therefore the fluid flow.

Plug valves are fully opened and closed with a quarter turn, making them ideal for quick shutoff applications. They are typically used for clean and dirty water, sewage, sludge, air many other isolation applications. Plug valves are not usually used for regulating the flow.

The CVA-PV series of cutaway plug cock valves uses brand new industrial plug cock valves that are cut away to clearly show the inlet, outlet, plug, plug port, stem and packing, allowing students to easily visualise valve operation and identify the main valve components.


3/4"/DN20 Cutaway 3-Way Plug Valve


3/4"/DN20 Cutaway 2-Port Plug (Cock) Valve


2"/DN50 Cutaway 2-Port Plug (Cock) Valve