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Cutaway Ball Valves

Ball valves use a hollow floating ball with a quarter turn handle to control flow. When open, the handle of a 2-way ball valve is in line with the inlet and outlet. Ball valves can also have 3 and 4 ports for re-directing flow and joining pipework.

Ball valves are very reliable and have a very long life-cycle, but they do not allow for fine adjustment of flow control. They are therefore typically used for isolation applications, for example in the power, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

The CVA-BA range of cutaway ball valves uses new industrial ball valves that are cut away to clearly show the inlet, outlet, ball, actuator and seals, allowing students to easily visualise valve operation and identify the main valve components.


2"/DN50 Cutaway 3-Way Ball Valve


2"/DN50 Cutaway Ball Valve


2"/DN50 Cutaway Electrically Actuated Ball Valve


2"/DN50 Cutaway Pneumatically Actuated Ball Valve