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Cutaway Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves are generally used as control devices to prevent over-pressure in water, compressed air, gas, oil and steam systems. They are typically use a spring and diaphragm that work against the inlet pressure and in turn determine the outlet pressure.

When the force of the incoming fluid increases, the pressure diaphragm and therefore the spring load increases. When the inlet pressure decreases the load on the diaphragm decreases and the spring load acts to keep the pressure reducing valve flowing at the right pressure. A sudden increase or decrease in inlet pressure therefore has little effect on the pressure after the valve.

The CVA-PR series of cutaway pressure reducing valves uses new industrial pressure reducing valves that are cut away to show the inlet, outlet, diaphragm and poppet, allowing students to easily visualise valve operation and identify the main valve components.


2"/DN50 Cutaway Pressure Reducing Valve